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Web Design Workflow – Little Richards Donuts

on May 5, 2015


For this project we had the task of making a webpage for the company, Little Richard’s House of Donuts. We were tasked to take information from their business card that was provided to make a simple webpage to entice customers to eat their donuts.

Paper Mockup:

Digital Mockup:

Hulk Link

Final Webpage:


My process started off with a paper design. I then worked on Adobe Illustrator to create a digital mockup where I simplified my design by changing the layout of it. I made three different mockups with the same basic design to show how the webpage would look on three different sizes of screens (computer, iPad, phone). I took the photo of the donut from creative commons where you are allowed to take images and use them for your purposes. To easily code my design, I downloaded some premade code that already had the responsive part built into it. All I had to do was switch out the photos that were already in the code with my own code and then put in the information that applied with what I was doing. I also took out some unnecessary information that I did not need in the design. When coding my design, it didn’t end up exactly looking how I wanted it to look, but I still believe that it is a strong design, while still being simple.

What I learned

I learned that to make a strong web site you need to keep your design simple. Keeping it simple allows for an easier coding job, along with a strong design without unnecessary things in it. I had to solve a problem when I forgot how to download Cyberduck, so I went to a tutorial video on how to download it.

Tutorial/Helpful link:

CyberDuck Tutorial Video:

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